Why women must do resistance training

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If you're a female looking to embark on a fitness journey to both improve your aesthetic appearance as well as boost your overall health and fitness level, one form of workout that you absolutely must make sure that you are doing is resistance training. Sadly, many women are too scared of hitting the weights because they fear getting big and bulky - looking too manly. Let me assure you, this will not take place. The key thing to remember is that women do not possess high enough levels of testosterone (the male sex hormone) to generate high amounts of muscle mass. Instead, they will see a number of other results taking place - results that believe me, you want. Here is why as a woman, resistance training is going to be a must-do.

Improved Metabolic Rate

What if I told you that you could burn fat while you sleep? You'd be pretty excited, right? Well, it really isn't too good to be true - it can happen if you strength train. After an intense weight lifting workout program, your resting metabolic rate will be elevated for up to 48 hours post workout. This means that you'll literally be burning up fat faster than you otherwise would for two full days after each workout you do. Hit the gym three times per week on alternate days and you'll have a faster metabolism at all times. And the benefits don't stop there. If you do manage to build a small amount of lean muscle mass, this means that your resting metabolic rate will permanently be higher due to the fact that muscle is highly metabolically costly to maintain. This means you can eat more food on a day to day basis without experiencing fat gain. If you love to eat, resistance training must be your workout of choice.

Enhanced Bone And Muscle Strength

Next, resistance training is the best way to experience improved bone and muscular strength. While cardio training can help to boost bone strength, no other exercise is going to do it like strength training will. You'll see yourself gradually lifting heavier and heavier weights, indicating muscle strength is also taking place, which will then mean that everyday lifestyle activities start feeling that much easier. As you grow older, if you don't utilize your muscles, you will begin to lose them, growing weaker in the process.

Better Agility And Balance

Another great benefit of participating in a strength training workout routine is that it'll give you better agility and balance. If you play any team sports or do any other form of activities, this can translate into better performance there as well. Few exercises will improve your core strength and balance like strength training will. This is another element of your fitness level that you will start to lose if you aren't constantly working at it.

A Complete Body Transformation

Finally, the last reason that you must add strength training to your workout routine is because this is the only form of exercise that will allow you to make a complete body transformation. With cardio training, you may be able to successfully lose weight, 45-minutes on a treadmill will simply help you become a smaller version of your current self. With strength training on the other hand, you'll actually add curves and shape in places you've never had before. In essence, you will build a brand new you. If you to create a transformation where people literally don't even recognize you any longer you've changed so much, strength training will get the job done. With the right workout, you can reshape your body, creating the look you prefer. So if you have not yet gotten started with a strength training workout, now is the time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just three to four workouts per week of 30 minutes will be sufficient to start seeing all the benefits mentioned above.   This post was written by Shannon Clark in conjunction with Gym and Fitness Australia. She is a regular contributor to Bodybuilding.com and has also been named Writer Of The Year two times running. She has also contributed well over 400 articles to a variety of different websites dedicated towards muscle building and athletic performance.

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