You reach 60, get a seniors card and laugh off the tiring jokes from friends and family as you celebrate another milestone. When it comes to health and fitness the goals of our senior clients are usually no different to what they would have been 20 years earlier, only they often have a little more time.

Next Step Fitness offers a range of training options including personal training, where we create a tailored program aimed to achieve specific goals and closely monitor your progress. In addition, we run group sessions where you can enjoy the outdoors and get moving while you catch up with friends.

If you want to start your own group with friends, call us to arrange a time; minimum of 4 people required.

We are pleased to offer concessions for seniors for all personal training and group sessions.

Personal Training Pricing

30 minutes = $40
45 minutes = $50
60 minutes = $65

Group Training Pricing

$12 per session