Next Step Fitness is fully qualified in pre and post natal exercise. We have thorough knowledge and experience with which to assist you in keeping active and fit during your pregnancy, and getting back into shape after delivery.

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy and can help you safely train throughout each trimester. Regular exercise offers many benefits including more energy, reduced stress and anxiety, faster recovery after birth and increased self esteem.

If you're a new mum, we can tailor a fitness plan to safely help you resume exercise; strengthen pelvic floor muscles, increase energy levels, lose excess baby weight, switch abdominal muscles back on, promote good posture which is especially important when feeding and carrying babies. Book in now for personal training sessions or join our mums & bubs sessions where you can meet other mums with similar goals.

Personal Training Pricing

30 minutes = $55
45 minutes = $70
60 minutes = $90

Mums & Bubs Group Pricing

Casual pass $20
1 session per week $16
2 sessions per week $26
Unlimited sessions $35